Hello, my name is Jay & I specialize in product strategy, design direction, wireframes, prototyping, branding, visual design, & illustration.

Thirsty Interactive is my personal portfolio of work & represents a small collection of projects I've been involved in. I've had the opportunity to be in a variety of design roles - from working in-house at some of the largest & best known media giants, to consulting for agencies, start ups & corporate environments, & all kinds of freelance design projects inbetween. Projects have ranged from apps, large media websites, promotional microsites, ux/ui, online campaigns, branding, prototyping, iconography, & illustrations.

I am a designer because I love a good story that connects people & I enjoy building things. I want to work with the most talented (& kindest) people I can to create useful, innovative, & meaningful work together.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions on the work I've done or if you have a project I can help you with.



"Jay is a savvy, skilled and collaborative digital professional that is an absolute delight to be around. His combination of creative talent, ux sensibility, and genuine passion about his work make him an ideal team member and someone I am always excited to work with. Not only is Jay a great team player, but I consider him a role model. He is a true master of his craft, and he maintains a humble and approachable demeanor that makes him so enjoyable to work with."

Courtney Dean, Information Architect,
USA Today

"From insightful product analysis to beautiful (and functional) product design to whimsical, fun flourishes, Jay delivered every time. Great guy to work with, his work speaks for itself."

Alistair Wearmouth, Product Manager
USA Today

"Jay’s expertise & positive attitude is respected at all levels. Every day he approaches each project great or small, with the same dedication to excellence. Designing a site is one thing, how to market it is another. Jay knows how to captivate an audience, draw them in and keep them coming back."

Sally Henry, Creative Director

"…Jay often understood more than just the design that was needed, he understood the motivations and connections that needed to made with the customer, and that is exactly what he delivered. Whether it was an internal senior management presentation, a potential client's sales materials, or an entire new site design, Jay delivered!"

Bob Steegar, Project Manager

"Jay single-handedly dreamed up the entire design aesthetic for the latest redesign of Autoblog.com, a website that services over 6 million auto enthusiasts per month. I worked with Jay on this project, during which time I witnessed not only his exceptional design skills, but also his ability to manage how web design fits into a broader architecture of editorial, sales and SEO optimization."

John Neff, Editor-in-Chief

"Jay is one of the most talented designers I've had the pleasure of working with. His focus on user experience and the intricate details that create amazing and memorable designs sets him apart from others. His passion brings new levels of innovation to each project."

Mitch Hazam, Director of Design
Navy Federal Credit Union


Creative Director

Globant (formerly PointSource) 12.13 - Present

Independent Design Consultant

Thirsty Interactive, 1996 - Present

Senior Art Director

USA Today, 01.12 - 12.13

Senior Art Director

Navigation Arts (now Epam) 04.11 - 01.12

Art Director

Autoblog & Aol Autos, 01.09 - 04.11

Art Director

PerfectSense Digital, 06.08 - 12.08

Senior Visual Interactive Designer

Siteworx (now Shift7) 01.08 - 06.08

Adjunct Faculty Professor

The Corcoran College of Art & Design, 2007

Principal Design Lead

Aol ( Kids & Teens channels ), 06.07 - 01.08

Senior Visual Interactive Designer

Aol (Shopping & Travel), 08.04 - 06.07

Senior Designer

The Washington Post, 04.02 - 08.04

Senior Designer

Aol (via DKG Design), 01.00 - 01.02


Intelos 02.99 - 01.00


James Madison University, Art Degree, 1997

Even after 10+ years in the creative field, I sincerely feel very fortunate to do something for a living that I am passionate about & that I truly enjoy. Each new project brings a challenge that I am always ready to tackle to see how it evolves into the finished piece.

When I am not on the computer or scribbling in my sketchpad, I enjoy hanging out with my wife, being a proud papa, playing with my dog, photography, all things design or art related, riding & wrenching on my harley, & grilling up tasty meals. In 2014 I made the move out of Washington DC & now happily call Wake Forest North Carolina home.

In my role as Creative Director at PointSource, my focus has been on building the Design Experience Team & providing guidance & oversight on all projects. In 2014 I moved from Washington DC to Raleigh NC to help the company transform from a development led environment of approximately 20 to a full service digital agency. In the last five years, the company has grown to have over 100 employees & has been successfully acquired by Globant, a globally recognized leader in digital transformation.

I still roll up my sleeves as the active design lead within projects & continue to push myself creatively to grow & evolve with our industry. I enjoy making things that solve real problems, & I want to be surrounded by others who feel the same way so we can learn, grow, & make amazing things together.